Bespoke Lighting Installation in Bromley Kent, near London

Outdoor Light – Lighting Installation in Bromley, London

Enjoy new lighting with a bespoke lighting installation Bromley. Get in touch with Bromley Electrical based in Bromley,Kent near London, for lighting installations to illuminate your home.

Garden lighting

Garden lighting is a fabulous way to increase the atmosphere of your home’s outdoor spaces either at the front of your home for a driveway or a feature garden or courtyard behind your house. The attractiveness of your property can be improved dramatically, but Lighting tends also to enhance your home security. We offer full planning design, and our NAPIT qualified electricians are very experienced in installing all perspectives of external lighting from driveway or garage areas to patio’s and ponds.


Lovely Lights Installed

Delight in a new lighting installation from us. The experts at Bromley Electrical have years of experience in designing and installing all different types of lighting, including:

  • Wise box™
  • Lutron™
  • LED lighting

Security Lighting

Security lighting is a low-cost process to increase your security quickly. There are countless varying styles of lighting available in today’s marketplace, practical floodlights, traditional lanterns to more contemporary styles. A motion detector detects movement and triggers the light, holding the light on for a several minutes (the time setting range from 30 seconds to approx 12 minutes). Then off goes the light. If the light comes back on; a new movement has been sensed.
These lights are helpful being installed above a front door;
They also aid you in searching for your door keys on those dark and wet nights. They also are not what a burglar wants to light up when they’re sneaking around looking for a way to get in your home. why we’re here to give friendly practical advice on the maintenance and repair of your electrical system.

External lighting

When homeowners contact me to discuss their lighting requirements in can be one of the most exciting electrical projects to take on. Lighting Installations have become very popular, and many of my clients within the Bromley & Beckenham areas and Kent have very precise thoughts about how they desire their rooms to look.
One of my favorite aspects of being an NAPIT Domestic Electrician is assisting my customers in fulfilling their fantasy of excellent lighting in their house.Bromley Electrical are registered electricians and lighting installers in Bromley, Kent and Beyond, It’s our mission to guarantee that each client is left with an excellent lighting system both indoors and outdoors, for a home that gives 100% satisfaction.