First-Rate Electrical Services in Bromley, Kent and London

Ring Bromley Electrical based in Bromley, London, for high-quality electrical services. Our experts are dedicated to making your electrical problems go away.

Excellent Electrics

Enjoy the full electrical service from Bromley Electrical. We look after all of your domestic electrical needs from a broken switch to a complete rewire. All jobs are welcome, and we are also pleased to offer free estimates.

We are backed by the government endorsed scheme NAPIT, so you can rest assured that your electrical needs are being dealt with by a fully accredited company. Some of the comprehensive electrical services we offer include:

Full and Partial Rewiring

For deteriorated electrical wires or lighting that will not turn on. If you’ve got difficulties with your electrical wiring in your house, commercial premises or office Bromley Electrical can assist. We provide partial and complete electrical rewiring and guarantee improvement on your previous electrical installation, installing a brand new modern electrical system as well as connecting extensions and extra rooms to your current electrical circuits.

Additional Plug Sockets

Countless houses do not have sufficient electric plug sockets and regularly find themselves calling on extension cables to power everyday household appliances, this can frequently result in blown fuses, in extreme cases electrical fires can occur. Do not put your family or house in danger! Bromley Electrical’s expert electricians provide a same day service to install additional or new plug sockets, to keep your family and appliances protected. We also fit weatherproof sockets outside, supplied with an emergency circuit breaker, making it much easier, tidier and most of all safer to use your electrical items al fresco.

Circuit Board Installations

Circuit breakers are produced to discontinue electrical power to a particular electrical circuit and to preserve your home’s electrical wiring. At Bromley Electrical, we service and repair Circuit Breakers everywhere throughout Bromley, Kent, and London areas.

Consumer Unit Replacements

It is a common fact that lots and lots of homes and businesses still have fuse boards that are way out of date. Bromley Electrical sincerely advises you have your fuse board updated to a new 17 edition electrical consumer unit. The revision to the regulations is owed to a quantity of fire analysts throughout the UK spotting a current trend with an escalating number of fires where plastic consumer units have been involved.
The clear fact is that some fuse boards have grown to be a liability, and frankly don’t adhere to modern electrical energy and safety specifications. Most of the dated fuse boxes we come across could have been deemed as out of date in the 1960’s.
Thankfully modern 17th edition dual RCD boards are a lot safer for us all.
Only accept a fully qualified electrician when renewing a consumer unit. For god’s sake do not attempt to exchange the fuse board yourself or let somebody who unable to supply any documentation with little experience loose on it, that is an enormous risk that you should not take when it comes to electrical safety, trust Bromley Electrical!

Cooker Points

Bromley Electrical do not keep you waiting around all day waiting for an engineer when you just want to get the new electric cooker, hob, hood or washing machine connected. Just call Bromley Electrical on 020 3151 2563 or via our contact us page and we will establish a time suitable to you.


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Earthing Points and Bonding

Bromley Electrical undertake earth bonding upgrades in Bromley and the surrounding areas of Kent & London. Our team of fully qualified NAPIT registered Electricians, who are Part all “P” certified work swiftly and efficiently which minimizes the disturbance your premises and to you.
Each of our local electricians possesses both City and Guilds 2381/2382 and 2391 electrical qualifications and are thoroughly experienced in electrical inspections and testing of commercial, industrial and residential properties and can notify you of any earth bonding upgrades required to stay within current electrical regulations.
There are two sorts of bonding, Main Bonding, and Supplementary Bonding.
The majority of buildings constructed earlier than 1991 commonly have bonding wired in 6mm or 4mm cable, sadly this is outdated and not compliant with the BS 7671 – Specifications for Electrical Installations IET 17th Edition Wiring Regulations.
For a professional and affordable earthing system check or info on earthing system upgrades, please call Bromley Electrical on 020 3151 2563 or use the contact form to book a consultation.

Fuse Box Replacements

The latest fuse board consumer units are the beating heart of the electrical wiring systems in our homes. The units share the electricity, via fuses of one sort or another, then on to the different electrical circuits throughout your house.
Every fuse board unit should be guarded by an RCD. Residual-current device’s (RCD’s), or residual-current circuit breaker’s (RCCB’s), are electrical wiring device’s that disengage a circuit when it identifies that the electric current is unbalanced amid the energized conductor and the return neutral conductor, supplying extra safety with no need to worry when in your home.
A fuse board removal or replacement can only be performed by electrician’s qualified to Part P regulation standards. Our Electricians are Part P approved and will renew your old fuse boards and fit you with a new fuse board punctually and efficiently