FAQ- EICR Electrical Installation Condition Reports Bromley, Kent & London

For EICR Electrical Installation Condition Reports Bromley, Ensure your property’s wiring is safe.
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When should I get an Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR)?

A Previously called a Periodic Inspection Report (PIR), the Electrical Installation Condition Report, (EICR) should be carried out every 10 years in a domestic property. Other circumstances that warrant a new EICR would be a change in ownership of property or simply peace of mind.
If you are buying, just moved in, or considering selling a property, an EICR is recommended to ensure the electrical installation is safe. A rented home will need a certificate every 5 years or every change of occupancy.

Why should I get an EICR?

A Every electrical installation degrades over time. The insulation on cables breaks down and mechanical connections such as terminal screws (screws that keep cables in place inside sockets, switches and other accessories) loosen.
If a property is new to you, you may be unaware of DIY work using inadequate methods. Even if you have lived in the same property for a long time, other factors such as the weather and pests can interfere with the condition of your electrical installation.

What will the report show?

A An EICR will highlight a lack of earthing or bonding, any potential fire hazards or electric shock risks. Any defective electrical work will be identified along with any overloaded circuits. Simply, it will highlight any potential dangers along with outdated installation methods.

What is the outcome of an EICR?

A Think of it as an MOT for your home electrics. It will tell you the condition of your electrical installation at the point of the report and advise if you need to improve any part of it. If all is in good working order, you will have a certificate to show that you are maintaining the condition of the electrics.

This can provide peace of mind, and you can also present this to perspective buyers in the event of a sale to ensure confidence in the property. However, it does not guarantee the condition of the electrics in the future as issues can occur at any time.